Self Study

Welcome to the beginning of your new lifestyle.

Are you ready to start loving your body?

Here are self study short courses to help you.


This is a 3 days bootcamp that covers the three topics that will get you a flat belly:

Mindset – so you will be naturally motivated to get on with all that you need to learn and implement.

Dietary – suggestions to help you flatten your belly with the aid of the food you are eating.

Workout – a video demonstration of useful belly exercises for different levels of ability so you can progress once your belly gets stronger.


Ignite Your Weight Loss is a program for women who want to lose 3kg or more in a period of three weeks.

You will learn how to kick start your motivation and digestion system to see fast, yet lasting results, in a relatively short time.

By the end of the program you will have all the tools and embedded habits to either continue the weight loss process or keep the weight you’ve lost at bay for good.

During the program, you will receive 3 – 4 short videos sent to your inbox every week.

These emails will equip you with super effective tools and strategies to quick results you can carry for life.