I often speak to friends who are complaining about their weight, however, straight after the complaint comes the reasoning as to why now is not a good time.

The reasons are varied from ‘I am invited to a few meals in the next week’ to ‘I am so busy at the moment that I can’t even think about it.’

In the past, I could relate to these reasons but today they just sound as a sign of not willing to commit to yourself.

From my observations, people do not want to commit mostly because they don’t trust themselves. Because when we commit to something we are in fact committing to a future outcome we would like to achieve. That requires attention and sometimes a little effort as nothing will change unless we create the change within us.

The main difficulty from in my experience is the transition between your current state and the one you wish to achieve. It is not necessarily because it is difficult but because it requires us to get outside of our familiar comfort zone.

You see, there are plenty of diets online that everyone can read about and just follow. But if you need to read about a diet I guess you are not familiar with it. That means that every meal you will have to get back to the notes to check what you can or can’t eat. At a time where there is a lot going  on in your life that might be too much to ask for. Also, the common term of diet used as a restrictive way of eating in order to lose weight. Not exactly appealing when you are planning to have social meals in the next week.

But what if you won’t go full on?

What if you will start with the next best thing?

This means you can still go on your social dinners and cope with the hectic life you are running.

Because you see, the past is no longer here and the future has not arrived yet. This leaves us with the present. That is the only time we can start our diet.

Right now.

And if you still want to peep into the future then you can see the signs right now. Walking in the park you can see shoots are popping out on the ground and spring is on its way very fast.

Isn’t that the best time to start releasing extra weight from your body? cleansing it from toxin accumulated in the past few months and start to lighten up and strengthen your body?

Wouldn’t it be great to feel better about yourself?

You can start today with the self-study program Ignite your Weight Loss .

It is a series of short videos that will help you lose 3kg (or more, depending on your starting point and ambitious) over three weeks.

It is not a diet with meal plans or restrictions however it is packed with tools and strategies that once you start implementing you will see fast results.

I invite you to read more about the Ignite Your Weight Loss program here  and if it resonates with you join today and start changing the way you look and feel.

You deserve nothing less than feeling the confidence that is buried inside of you.


Much love,


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