It’s kinda cold outside and a lot of us spend many hours indoors with the heating on.

We don’t even realise we are getting dehydrated.

Those cups of teas you are drinking don’t really count.

Not even the infusion ones.

In fact some of the infused teas dehydrate you even more than black tea.

So why is it so important to hydrate?

To start with our body is made of 60% water. Every cells in your body needs water for functioning. Water helps with our digestion, remove waste, maintain the body temperature and lubricate our joints.

Most people are dehydrated on a regular basis and that makes them feel tired or have a headache.

Start noticing how much water you drink. We tend to think we drink more than we actually do. Aim for about 8 -10 glasses  of water a day. It will make a tremendous difference to the quality of your life.


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