The truth is that there is no such thing as will power!
If you don’t like/enjoy doing something (or eating one), no will power will help you.
It might sustain you in the short term.
But the glory will eventually fade.

It has to be much bigger than will power.

I’ll explain what I mean by that.
I don’t know many women that enjoy housework chores.
Yet, it is not a coincidence that the term ‘nesting’ was invented for a specific time during pregnancy.
It’s not that pregnant women suddenly enjoy cleaning, tidying up, painting walls and reorganising their house.
It’s the baby they are expecting that is on the top of their mind.
The one person they’d do anything for. So suddenly there is no ‘I don’t feel like tidying/reorganising/cleaning’ anymore.
Because it is no longer about the housework.

It is all about their baby.

Find your own ‘baby’ and you will never need to rely on the least stable power.

The will power.

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