Weight Less Live More

You’ve tried all the diets you heard about and somehow, you still carrying some extra kilograms?

I get it, that used to be me.

What if you could turn food into an ally in your weight loss journey and calories were something you didn’t bother about?

What if you could shift that extra load you are carrying in a natural, simple to follow way and feel motivated all along and beyond?
Now you can!
How, I hear you ask?
By learning to prioritise YOU, by eating tasty food you know and love but never knew it could help you with weight loss and by becoming motivated through coaching.
or how my client puts it

“I have completely rethought my food intake, not as a measurement of weight gain but how I feel.
I watched my feeling of wellbeing and found it was so changed by the type of food I ate, e.g. less sluggish and more positive.
I found that not concentrating on weight loss meant I lost my first 6ibs without even thinking about it” ~ Anna Kershaw-Bar, London, UK


You will end up feeling confident with food, confident in your body and in yourself.

Sounds good?

I am Orit Adiri, your weight loss maven
an ex-diet addict, an ex-scale obsessed and with a long-life history of unhealthy relationship with food.
It took me years of practicing all the wrong ways to lose weight, so I am familiar with your struggle. I know those moments of frustration very well. Putting the weight back on to where it was before you started once you’ve reached your target.
After years of fighting with my weight daily, years where all that my mind was busy with was the next meal, I had enough!
If you are a mother and you think that the pregnancy weight or the age you are at makes it impossible to lose weight, then I have great news for you!
Since I was not going to give up until I found a way to get me back into my slim jeans comfortably, I went back to schooling and educated myself.

“Orit really knows her stuff! I have been following her plan and have been losing weight with great success! I am so happy that I found her and her program. Her program really works.” Alicia Sierra, Chiang Mail, Thailand

You see, like you, I believed that after having children, my body changed in an irreversible way and being post-menopausal made the task of weight loss totally impossible.

Well, I am happy to tell you I was wrong!

At the age of 53, I fit into my slim jeans, the ones I bought over 10 years earlier but were always too tight on my belly.

I am diet free, I am never worried about my next meal, I am happy with my stable weight, with my energy levels, my body shape and the way I feel in it.

Oh, and I don’t own a bathroom scale anymore.

Additional bonus:
After using my method for about 3 months my strong migraine attacks have almost completely disappeared. So much so that my Doctor called to ask if I still need my repeat prescription.

My easy to follow method will shift your extra weight never to come back!

I am an NLP practitioner and a coach specializing in helping women like you to reach and sustain their ideal weight. Using my coaching techniques, you will effortlessly change your attitude towards what you eat and how you care for your body.

I will share my system with you so motivation will be a natural thing for you. I will also lovingly coach you to stay on track when you hit a bump in the road or you when you have a moment.

“Yey! I lost 3 kilo’s over the last 10 days and as you can see in this picture I did have a few cheat moments. Thanks to the motivational words Orit” ~ Paulein Nakdai-Harmens, Alpen, Netherland

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